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 Zombie Deck 2011 (xyz)

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PostSubject: Zombie Deck 2011 (xyz)   Sun Aug 21, 2011 8:16 am

yo. so this is my version of the new zombie deck. needs some work but let me know what you think,

Monsters 22

3x Zombie master
3x goblin zombie
3x pyramid turtal
1x mizuki
1x bone crusher
1x plaguespreader zombie
2x summoner monk
2x tragodia
1x sangan
2x tomato
1x armageddon knight
2x blue blooded oni

Spell 12

1x Monster reborn
3x book of life
3x mystical space typhoon
1x heavy storm
1x dark hole
1x foolish berial
2x enemy controller

Trap 6

2x seven tools of the bandet
2x call of the haunted
2x bottomless trap hole

Extra Deck 15

3x no 39 Utopia
3x Steelsworm Roach or 3x wind up zenmaster
1x grenasorus
1x ally of justice catastor
1x brionic dragon of ice boundry
1x doomkizer dragon
1x revived king hadess
1x black rose dragon
1x stardust
1x dark end dragon
1x trishula dragon of ice boundry or 1x mist wurm

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Zombie Deck 2011 (xyz)
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