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 Let's Revive Yu-Gi-Oh!

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PostSubject: Let's Revive Yu-Gi-Oh!   Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:27 pm

Hey guys

I am looking to open a hobby shop in the near future. The intention is to revive Yu-Gi-Oh!, including organized play.

This would include sponsored tournaments, at least once a week; buying and selling of singles; and booster packs at a more
affordable price. That is what I envision for the future. However, as with all good things, this will require a bit of work and sacrifice.

Before this happens, I would need to confirm that I have support. In order to revive YGO, the support
of the Cape Town YGO community is absolutely critical. Together we will eventually be able to get booster packs down to much
better prices, and no doubt, we would witness an upward spike in YGO interest. Let me explain:

At the moment, because of low YGO demands, Blowfish entertainment, South Africa's official distributor, only buys from Konami
in low quantities. Why? Because demand is low. Simple as that.

What does that mean?

It means that Blowfish is forced to sell at slightly higher prices, because they cannot buy bulk in order to lower the shipping-to-merchandise
ratio. What I mean is that the price per booster works out much more expensive if you buy 2 boxes from, say, Ideal808, instead of buying
12 boxes. This is obviously because of the high shipping prices. But as you buy higher quantities, the overall price reduces.

But, as I've said already, Blowfish can't buy bulk simply to get the merchandise for cheaper if there is no demand for YGO products. This is
completely understandable. So they buy less, and therefore have to push up their price, while the retailer does likewise. The result is high prices
(not to mention if the retailer wants to be greedy, they can increase their margins, which, as we should know, results in extortionary prices)

So thus far, if you feel like I do, this seems like a vicious cycle. However, there is a way to reverse this.

How? That is where my hobby shop will come in. My hobby shop, in conjunction with Blowfish, will attempt to revive YGO through Organized Play and
word-of-mouth. Until the YGO series is aired on SABC again, this is the only way for us to rebuild. I believe this game has the potential to become
as competitive as it is overseas. Therefore, I would be willing to cut my own profit margins in order buy from Blowfish and sell at R40 a booster. I would
also organize tournaments along with the 'elders' in the community, and sponsor prizes etc.

Why would I buy from Blowfish instead of online retailers? Because THAT is how we are going to stimulate the SA YGO economy. Buying online only stimulates
the American economy. If we want a local YGO vibe, we are going to have to make some sacrifices, BUT, only in the beginning. Eventually, with enough
support, Blowfish would be able to import at better prices, and therefore, be able to offer better prices. Naturally, retailers would be able to sell at better
prices also. Lower prices would entice more people to play, and that's how we would start a new cycle - breaking free from the old. And Blowfish has
been very kind in this matter. They have offered full support for my undertakings...

So what I am asking, effectively, is that we should consider dropping online orders. I understand it's cheaper, but, it's not helping the situation. It's actually
only worsening it. You have to ask, "Is knocking off R10 a booster worth further declining demand for YGO?". Eventually, no one will sell YGO, because
everyone is buying online from USA. Please understand this...

That is why I would be willing to offer sneak peeks at R35 per booster, and then afterwards R40. Even if it means I make no profit. I am asking for
the same attitude from the community. Yes, it sucks that we have to sacrifice, but at the moment, there is no other way. To fix this supply/demand
issue in South Africa, we have to buy in South Africa.

As for location.... I'm considering the Table View / Parklands / Sunningdale area. The reason for this is because it is more central, and the area is
more suburban. It's very safe too, and the area has that 'homey' feeling. Also, there are many schools in the area, too. Needless to say, that =
more exposure. Another reason is because I am sure parents will feel much safer leaving children without their supervision in the area I am planning
to situate the hobby shop. The same cannot be said for Stadium on Main. I know my own parents had a HUGE problem with it when I was playing (back
in the IOC days)

I would also go out of my way to market YGO as efficiently as I can. I am sure I will be able increase numbers in the YGO community.
However, I need to see that I will have support. With no support, I would end up bankrupt. Yes, I am taking a risk, but the risk decreases if I have
voiced support from the community. That is why I am asking you here.

Will you assist in breaking this cycle, and bringing YGO back?

Let me know what you think, Yu-Gi-Oh! Cape Town...
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Let's Revive Yu-Gi-Oh!
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