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 Alex's Deck of the Week 2 - Dark World

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PostSubject: Alex's Deck of the Week 2 - Dark World   Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:58 pm

Welcome to my second article in my series of Alex's Deck of the Week!
This weeks deck is... Dark World! After the release of their structure deck; Dark World has become gained so many good, no great cards, such as they're field spell - Gates of the Dark World. But before I continue, I should probably tell the people who don't know what the Dark World archtype is (Communists no doubt... Nah just jokes xD) Dark World is an archtype that revolves around being discarded by card effects, and as a reward for discarding it, you can either draw, search, destroy, special summon depending on the Dark World monster you discarded. All Dark World monsters are named after colours (Beiige = Beige, Broww = Brown, and so on) that appear most in the card art.
Now on to the deck!
As I said, the structure deck gave the deck many great new cards, Gates of the Dark World especially (Gates of the Dark World field spell - "Banish one fiend in your grave; discard a fiend, draw a card") Gates gives the deck a sustainable source of discarding cards. It also gets you a draw, which means you don't lose card advantage!
The next great card would be Grapha, Dragon Lord of the Dark World 8*(Grapha allows you to destroy 1 card your opp controls, and if Grapha is in the grave, you can bounce 1 Dark World monster and special summon Grapha) The decks boss.
Amazing. Simply Amazing. 2700 (3000 with Gates, oops forgot to mention Gates gives all fiends 300 atk/def) and allows you to get a big beatstick, you also get a +1 upon activation!
Now one of my favorites - Snoww 4* (when discarded, search a Dark World card) You can search anything; Gates: Sure! Grapha: Sure!
Another favorite - Broww 3*(When discarded, draw 1 card) Draw power? Yes pls.
Beiige 4* (When discarded, special summon it) The only reason he is better than silva or goldd, is because his 4* meaning he can be NS then bounced for Grapha
Now you may be asking "How do i get these great effects?"
Easy, Dark World Dealings (Each player draws 1, then discards 1) Good card; there is no -1 because in DW, you get a +1 upon discard, so +1-1=+0
My favorite card of the deck - Dragged Down Into the Grave (Both players look at each others hands, choose 1 card, toss it, then both draw 1) Stunning. Gives you the ability to disrupt. Combos with Mind Crush.
The rest of the deck is just staples.
Some of you may be thinking "Lightning vortex, draw a card by discarding broww, then my opp loses all face up monsters!"
Hold your horses! Discarding for Vortex is a cost, not an effect so no, you wont draw.
Now that I've given the basics, there are 3 versions of DW. Skill drain DW - All DW effects activate in the grave, meaning Skill drain can't touch them. Number 2: Tour Guide DW - TGU gives access to Xyz AND can be removed for Gates. 3rd - Ceruli DW - revolving around Ceruli and Silva to deplete opps hand.
Early game Macro cosmos
Consistency, very bad.

Favorable Match Up:
Empty Jar
Frog Lancer (Skill drain DW only)
Dark World

Thanks for reading! Very Happy
Be sure to read my next 1! Very Happy...
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PostSubject: Re: Alex's Deck of the Week 2 - Dark World   Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:27 am

Good job again! Wow. I should post one some time!



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Alex's Deck of the Week 2 - Dark World
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