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 Card Review: Master Hyperion

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PostSubject: Card Review: Master Hyperion   Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:53 pm

So with today’s card review, I thought about a top deck and which card actually makes it being good to being an excellent deck. The deck that I am talking about is none other than Agents, or as many knows, Fairies. And the card which I am talking about is Master Hyperion! Master Hyperion is a level 8 Light-attribute tribute monster and also a non-tribute monster. But how? Many players seem to forget that Master Hyperion can be tribute summoned when they have enough monsters on the field to do so, and they sometimes hold back on Master Hyperion, but they could win in that very turn, but they do not because they think that they cannot summon it on that very turn.

Now what makes this card so great and why does it make Agents an even better deck? It’s easy ability to be summoned: from the hand as long as you have an “Agent” monster in the graveyard to remove, or one in the hand or one on the field. But that’s not why. Another reason is that it can be Special Summoned. Yes, you can activate Monster Reborn on this boss monster, and it’s one of the first. That is what makes it so good. It’s only really an option for your opponent to take if they play Light-Fairy-Type monsters. The only other deck that could do something with Master Hyperion is if you are playing a mirror match! So remember when your opponent takes control of it, don’t be too afraid, only you can abuse its effect. But that’s not it! Master Hyperion’s effect is what makes it as great as it is. Removing that Light-Fairy-Type monster from your graveyard is pretty easy depending on which build of Agents you decide to play. And it’s once per turn! With Sanctuary in the Sky face-up on the field, Master Hyperion gets to use its effect up to twice per turn!

Master Hyperion’s effect is dangerous as it seems. It’s almost a guaranteed plus one. Special Summon Master Hyperion by removing from play one “Agent” monster from your graveyard then remove any Light-Fairy-Type monster from your graveyard to destroy one card. If you declare priority, which you should in most cases, destroy a monster and then your opponent might activate something to destroy it. Remember that in this scenario, you didn’t lose anything except for Master Hyperion itself, but you didn’t lose any other cards in-hand or on the field, while your opponent lost their monster and that card which they activated in order to destroy Master Hyperion. If both players had 6 cards in total, you would end-up having 5 and your opponent ends-up having 4! An immediate plus 1. But just be careful about when you summon Master Hyperion. It isn’t always just good to drop him whenever you feel you can. The Agent deck is themed around gaining advantage and then making an aggressive push. Master Hyperion is that aggressive push. Let’s take another scenario: if your opponent has a face-down trap card and you are holding a Master Hyperion and a The Agent – Venus, depending on the life-points, you can make an incorrect or correct play. Let’s assume that your opponent is sitting on 2500 life-points. You could just drop Master Hyperion, but what if the face-down is Bottomless Trap Hole? You gained no advantage. But let’s say you summon The Agent – Venus and do not declare priority. If your opponent does nothing, you know you can be pretty sure there is no Bottomless Trap Hole face-down, but that still doesn’t mean you are safe. That face-down could be a Torrential Tribute. Then what? This is why in some circumstances you shouldn’t always go for what looks to be the best play, or what you can do to finish your opponent off. Because of your lapse in concentration, you could end-up losing the game. Now this is what you could do: Summon The Agent – Venus and do declare priority. If you do not declare, your opponent could be sitting with a Torrential Tribute and be waiting for you to Special Summon the Mystical Shine Balls from your deck. So with this way, you get to summon a Gachi Gachi Gantetsu by stacking two Mystical Shine Balls together. Now, you still do not summon Master Hyperion, as that face-down could still be a Torrential Tribute and then you lose all of your cards spare Gachi Gachi Gantetsu. So rather keep Master Hyperion in your hand and attack with what you got. Remember that is another reason why Master Hyperion is as good as it is said to be: If your opponent cannot get over it in their turn, they will be having problems setting-up a combination which is good enough to get over it in the future turns.

With the maximum of Master Hyperion being allowed to play, his ability to implement OTKs is phenomenal. You can drop not one, not two, but three of him in one turn! Imagine dropping the first one and getting rid of any threat and then finishing your opponent off with the other two. 2700+2700+2700 = 8100. That’s just about enough to finish your opponent off. And in dedicated Sanctuary builds he’s very simple to get! Summon The Agent – Earth while Sanctuary in the Sky is face-up on the field and you get to search for him and the next turn or the same one, you can destroy up to two cards!

We have already seen Agents win worlds and many other tournaments worldwide, and it’s due to the deck’s ability to gain advantage and then finish the job up with an aggressive push. The deck’s ability to slowly wear-down your opponent’s resources before dropping its final move is what makes it that good. The deck’s many boss monsters, depending on which build you find yourself playing, is what makes it versatile in-terms of what version you play. It’s an inexpensive deck to be playing and has many combinations which can amaze the opponent. So, if you’re just starting-off or getting back into the game or even a veteran player, Agents could be your choice!
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Card Review: Master Hyperion
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