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 Card Review - Oh F!sh !

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PostSubject: Card Review - Oh F!sh !   Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:09 am

You know the saying like a fish out of water, well in all cases that's not a bad thing. Recently Generation Force has given us lots of fish out of water. With that today's review is one of those fish support cards.

Oh F!sh !
Counter Trap

When an Effect Monster's
effect activates: Shuffle 1 of
your banished Fish, Sea
Serpent, or Aqua-Type
monsters into the Main Deck;
negate the activation and
destroy it.

This in my opinion is the best trap support released for fish(that includes fish, aqua and sea serpent. It kinda hard typing all of that all the time so I will just refer to them as Fish), giving them a Glad War Chariot of sort.
The effect is simple return a Banished Fish to your main deck to negate the activation of a monster card effect. The cost of this card is not that difficult to pay anymore, there are several fish that remove them self or other fish. The cost of this card will not return any syncro, fusion or Xyz monsters that are removed because they cannot be returned to the "Main Deck". The cost also makes being hit by a bottomless trap hole or Dimensional Prison that bad.
Your Best candidates are to pay the cost are,

1 Airorca, its one of the new Flying Fish that can banish itself and one fish in the hand to destroy a monster on the field and he comes back next Stand-by Phase.

2 Big Jaws, after a battle phase in which this shark attacked he banishes himself.

3 RoninToadin, I have always been a fan of frogs and this toad can remove from play a frog in the grave to special summon himself. All frogs are aqua and therefore fit the cost.

There are a couple of counter traps that negate monster effects and this card seems to be one of the better ones.
Upside, its simple cost and is a counter trap.
Downside, its very type based support.

Fish were badly hit in the banned list but we have been given new weapons to use in that battle its just a question of how to use them and I believe this the one of the Weapons that will see play in the future.

Now my favourite part of the review process the artwork. This card features that trap hole goblin and flying fangs. Just imagine your shock( the Japan name of this card) if a shark jump out at you from fresh air you just know that you would say "Oh F@$#!". That poor goblin is having a bad day.

7 out of 10 its solid fish support.
8 out of 10 for artwork. It just reminds me of brandon's first match at Nationals (brandon being the goblin in this card).
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Card Review - Oh F!sh !
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